Nordic Piano Convention 2020

September 24-27th




Welcome to the Nordic Piano Convention 2020 in Hirtshals, Denmark!


Registration and paymentDansk

This year the convention will be held at the four star Montra Skaga Hotel in Hirtshals. Located in the northern part of Denmark it’s easy to access from the rest of Scandinavia.

We have some very interesting presentations as well as hands-on seminars and exhibitions from Schimmel, Reyburn, Jahn, Knud Danielsen and others. We hope for some great days with lots to learn and good company from colleges near and far.

You can make your very own schedule from all the seminars and presentations. Unfortunately there is not enough time to do all of them, so choose carefully what seems the most interesting to you.

In order to give the participants, the best experience, the Schimmel hands-on seminars will have a limited amount of participants, so sign up for the seminars you are interested in. You will find the details in the registration form. It’s a first come, first served principle, so don’t hesitate to register.

Registration deadline: June 20th 2020

All rooms are non-smoking, with bath/toilet, tv and free wifi. There is access to the hotels facilities such as billiards, table tennis, swimming pool and sauna.

All meals are served in the hotel restaurant. Inform us about any kind of allergies in the registration form and the kitchen will take that into account. If you need vegetarian/vegan meals please let us know also.

Prices pr. person:

Single room: DKK 4.500,-

Double room: DKK 3.850,-

Only convention: DKK 2.300,-
(no room)

Spouse in double room: DKK 3.100,-
(who doesn’t take part in convention activities)

Meals from Friday morning to Sunday morning are included in the prices.

Nordisk Pianotræf 2020

Get there:

Montra Skaga Hotel
Willemoesvej 1
9850 Hirtshals

Nearest train station: Lilleheden st.

Nearest airport: Aalborg (AAL)


Nate Reyburn (US)

CyberTuner – tuning your way:

CyberTuner can be optimized to repeat your tuning style, pitch raise style, and adapt to how you tune pianos. We will be covering iRCT’s Smart Pure 12ths tuning style, and how to both tune and pitch raise quickly and accurately in a single pass.

Keyboard evaluation and replacement for the rebuilder:

Demonstrating practical ways to make your action rebuild successful by checking the keyboard condition and measuring key ratio, and its effect on action geometry. Ramifications of installing a new keyboard and/or action stack and back action. A virtual tour through Reyburn Pianoworks keyboard manufacturing shop using state-of-the-arte CAD and CNC-robotics.

Ergonomic Tuning: Tools and Techniques:

This hands on class introduces ways to reduce stress on your body using both impact hammers and the traditional rigid lever. Reducing the strain on your shoulder, neck, and back by using the right tools the right way is crucial whether you’re just starting out or have been tuning for years. We’ll cover the basics as well as some advanced tips, then offer hands-on instruction.


Seminars that includes two parts: A presentation open for all and a hands-on part that requires prior registration. Remember to bring your own tools when you register.

Interaction of regulating and voicing:

By Karl-Heinz Habermann. He has been in the company for over 20 years and is responsible for the grand piano department at Schimmel Braunschweig. He is a “Klavierbaumeister” and is working in the final inspection of the instrument for voicing and regulating.

Grand Piano Regulation:

By Nils Hasse. He has been in the company for over 20 years and is responsible for quality control and the “Schimmel Academy” for technical trainings. He is a “Klavierbaumeister” like Karl-Heinz Habermann.

These Schimmel seminars will not take place at the same time, so it’s possible to sign up for both.


Polyester repair:

Learn how to repair damaged polyester surfaces with products from König. Minor damages can be fixed without having to do the whole piece. Hands on seminar where you can try it out yourself.

Jon Arnø:

Rebuilding Hornung & Møller:

See how an old Hornung & Møller grand piano are completely rebuild and hear the story behind the project.

Odd Aanstad:

Why does pianos go out of tune?

What conditions make pianos go out of tune, and what can we do to reduce the effect of the causes?

Ole Peter Jørgensen:

French polishing:

Learn how to give new life to an old piano by treating the surfaces the old fashioned way. You can bring a piano part of your own you wish to polish.


Knud Danielsen ApS

Piano parts and tools

Jahn Pianoteile

Piano parts and tools


Piano covers

Payment info:

Reg. 5333
Account: 0400691


IBAN: DK8953330000400691